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Big Data without big headaches – how to get the strategy right?

Implementing the strategies of Big Data is like chewing the food cooked up with stones!

Big Data is amazing, but implementing those strategies in the runtime environment is a very tough task. But if you get the strategies right way, then it won’t be a difficult one. 

Big Data is growing and a number of employees appointed every year for the organization have grown from 500 in 2014 to 1500 in 2015. And research says that it will still grow and by the end of this decade it will be something huge and tremendous.

Check out some of the few things of how to get the strategy work perfectly without headaches.

The right talent can guide you

Big data has changed a lot in today’s world. It is a transformation, that has brought in today’s lifestyle and in the ways, people are working. But this is not possible if there are no talents in the organization. According to the Tech Partnership and SAS big data experts are set to rise by 160%. Organization should look up for the best employees with the talented skills and have the focus on the strong analytics. Firms also must ensure that employee possesses the skill of 3V’s i.e. Velocity, Variety and Volume. Andrew Marks the MD for energy in Accenture Technology Strategy quotes his idea that it is much important to access the lot of eyes to produce unique results. Organization may also look for the employee's social media profiles for how they are demonstrating their expertise via the digital medium. This all stated above information can aid you in getting a right talented person and that can aid you in solving the glitches of big data with less headache.

You must know the importance of the big data in the business

If people predict that, big data is not for the organization than you are surely getting misguided. Big Data is the assets of the organization. From small startup to the large scale enterprise, every firm generates data. Even if the company has its own website or a social media presence, smart cards transaction and more, it can gather out the information for the customer, user experience, and web traffic. Big Data will also enable the firms to the better market and customer intelligence. From sales to delivery, sensors to tracking, big data can improve the efficiency and operations for all kind of business. Mobility also enables real-time data collection from the field, adding to the pool of knowledge that will drive insights in another part of the system. A Little modification to the sales and marketing strategies can have a profound impact on the big data.

Did you forget Data Science? Take advantage of it

Big Data is never a headache if you take the guidance of data scientist. Data Scientist is the most amazing thing of the digital world. Data Scientist is the people who can analyze all this data with the complete and detailed information. Taking the information and plugging it into business intelligence system and data warehouse turns out to be the huge focus for business. There are a lot may things that data scientist can do; fetch out the detailed information from out of the various sources of data. With the data science, you can enhance your firm with the customer relationship management, a stack of service analysis, capacity planning and more.

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